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"Cherry Pick"

36x36 original painting

Gold floating frame


Part of my exclusive 2024 "Life's a Garden. Dig it." collection.

Each painting has a special name related to the garden---my analogy for life's suprises, challenges and how you respond to them. To learn more about the meaning behind my collection, visit my blog post here. 

This painting is titled "cherry pick" since it is a little different from all my other pieces---a little brighter, bolder and has something special about it.  If I were to keep a single painting--I would "cherry pick" this one for myself.


The expression cherry pick simply put, means "the best one of the group"



Shipping cost is included in the price.


The only additional cost is a $40 packing fee and local/state sales tax.


All paintings will ship out within 5 to 7 business days (or less) of purchase and will be shipped via UPS ground shipping. Tracking information is sent out the day of shipment.




"Cherry Pick"

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