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About Caroline

Let's get  personal

I am a southerner, through and through. A Louisiana native, born and raised. I hold many titles, as nearly all women do—-wife, mother, artist, writer, business owner, boss lady... (I won’t even add the obvious cook, housekeeper, driver and more)

How did I become an artist?
Short answer: I think I’ve always been one. I am hopelessly right- brained and I have learned it’s best to embrace it. This is where my art and creativity flourishes and brings me so much joy to share this with others.

As a young girl, I grew up watching my mother restore our small historical home year by year. By the age of seven, I was painting fences and wallpapering with her the whole way.
Practically anything she touched could be transformed into something beautiful with a coat of paint and a creative idea. I am my mothers daughter after all and I’ve been creating and painting ever since! Be it fence post, furniture, canvas or wall—-give me a brush and I am in my own world.

In my high school and college years, I won a few art contests in school and painted pieces for friends and charities, but never dreamed it would be a business.

I began my artistic ‘career’ painting exclusive custom commissions, as time would allow, over the last decade, but in 2020 everything changed.

I launched my own business in interior decorating after surviving a particularly rough renovation we lived through with a toddler in the pandemic.
The proverbial kick in the pants I needed to pursue my artistic side professionally was actually this old house with far too much work that no one else wanted to take on. The house needed a dreamer who could see what she could be…and that dreamer happened to be me.
I haven’t looked back since—-everything for me is a palette for creativity, especially your home and the art you choose to adorn your walls.

After completing our renovation, I began accepting new interior design clients in 2020, transforming spaces and began selling my first art collections online via Instagram in 2021.

Designing spaces is just another form of art. Whether you hire me to create the space where you’ll hang the art or commission me to create the art itself, I promise you’ll love it and it will be uniquely yours.

It may be a little nuanced to have a hybrid business as a professional artist, but with my background in design, I can uniquely assist clients with art placement, framing, and custom color scheme selection.

Nothing pleases me more than delivering a finished piece of art for my clients!

For a consultation or a custom commission, please use my contact form and I will get back to you shortly. 

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