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Interior Design 

At Caroline’s Home Designs, I am a big believer in making design beautiful AND affordable.  My design style is traditional with a twist. Think classic interiors with pops of color, pattern and texture. A key design element of my style is mixing the old and new together for a curated and collected look.

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Helping busy women create beautiful and affordable spaces.

How Does It Work?

My services are unique in how we engage and work together to complete your space. Whether we are working together virtually or in-person, it’s a collaborative effort. One of the ways I am able to help clients save money while achieving the look of high-end design is by generating the ideas and tools YOU need to execute the look.

I have resources for fabrics, furniture, rugs, décor and more that I will share with you to take the guesswork out of the design execution.

We will come up with a comprehensive design scheme that complements your individual style, but I encourage you to look at my Instagram page to view completed projects to make sure we are a good design fit for each other!

 I will work within your budget and I enjoy incorporating existing cherished items such as antiques and heirlooms into the new design.

As an artist, I understand color and how it transforms a space with just the time of the day and the lighting. Paint colors can be tricky and it's one of the many areas I can be a trusted source for assistance! I also have my own art collections that are released throughout the year that can be complimentary component to my design services, but is completely optional.

Which Rooms are included in my Design services?

Nursery, living room, dining room, mudroom, bedrooms, pantry, hallways, foyers etc…

I do kitchens and bathrooms as well, but design on these projects varies greatly depending on how much needs to be altered. If you would like help with your kitchen or bathroom, please email me to discuss the scope of the project and my availability.

If you like my style and need help with your space, drop me a line and we can set up a consultation.   


My fees are on a “per room” basis + hours of design time. Design time includes sourcing furnishings, rugs, art, wallpaper and decorative objects for your space.

A one-hour consultation for the space is $300. You’ll receive a custom vision board for the room, including links to furniture art and accessories to execute the idea. It is basically my initial  “design pitch” to you the client. If you decide you like the direction of the design and want to move forward, I charge hourly for the remainder of the project at $95 an hour.

Not sure you need “full service design?”

I call myself “the idea machine” because it is truly where I excel the most---I can come up with ten different ways to tackle a challenging space. My goal is to transform it from beige and boring to beautiful! Outdated to Updated! All while keeping in mind the functionality  of the space to make it as useful and practical as possible.

Some clients (especially virtual) like to use the one hour consultation to walk through their home and discuss multiple areas they would like to improve, but they aren’t sure exactly what the space needs or where to start. If you are the type who may not need full-service design, but are looking for a few clever ideas and some initial guidance to execute those ideas yourself, then a general consultation is a good fit for you. You can decide after that consult, if you would like to hire me for additional hours to kickstart the room or space you choose to tackle.

For the “idea sessions” such as this, I do not include a design board, but will send pictures and give visuals to help you visualize my ideas, if that is needed.  This “idea session” is $165

E-Design Services

I would love to consult with you about a room in your home, electronically.  My E-Design services typically include a one-time session with tons of advice on your you can transform a space in your home. I will work within your budget (big or small) to create a customized design for your room with links to furnishings and suggested decor. Contact me for more details and to schedule your session. 

Caroline's Home Design: Before & Afters

Caroline has been featured in the media:

Home and Design Featured in “TCHEFUNCTA LIVING MAGAZINE “


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