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Faux Florals Part 2

If you love beautiful floral arrangements that last—-this post is for you! All of the ones I link in this post, I have seen in person and can vouch for the quality of the floral. If you need a unique planter, check out this post.

Close up of the orchid

For the first exact arrangement, I used these extra large Calla Lillies. They look and feel very real! I also used a mixture of blush and white hydrangeas, which are on sale!

(The orchid linked below is the exact orchid in the picture above in the pink geometric planter. )

Click the image below to shop all these faux florals on my LTK. Use code 20MADEBYYOU for 20% off any regular priced item.

Not able to link this vendor yet on LTK, but they have a better price on tulips! so I’ve included direct link for tulips —I use these.

You’ll need floral foam as well, which I also linked on LTK, but you may also purchase it here.

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