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“Faux Orchid Planter DIY”

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

You’ll need:

  1. unique planter of your choosing (go big or go home I say!) I selected an antique porcelain planter. Here are some similar options.

  2. Styrofoam

  3. 4-6 Faux orchid stems,

  4. One real orchid just for the natural leaves (preferably one you have laying around in dormant stage with the leaves only…I call this the dead winter stick phase)

  5. Small pea gravel for weight

  6. Faux moss

  7. Orchid clips, found mine at Michael's Craft Store

  8. Orchid sticks for styling. I love the acrylic ones, but bamboo also works!

  1. Shop for a unique planter of your choice. I selected an extra large porcelain footbath. This is perfect for faux orchids, but can be used with live orchids as well, but you may need to use rocks for additional drainage.

  2. Next, purchase some packing styrofoam (or save some the next time you receive a package) Using an electric knife, I carve the styrofoam in the perfect shape to fit inside the planter. If you need an easy tip to measure—I turn the planter upside down and trace the outline onto the styrofoam to give me a guide for carving.

  1. Place two orchids back to back and secure with orchid clips and long orchid sticks for stability. Trim the stems, if too long and stick into the styrofoam in your desired position. Don’t be afraid to bend the orchid down at the end into the curved shape of natural orchids.

  1. Carve out a space in the styrofoam inside the planter to add one real orchid pot with the natural leaves intact. (Think about the orchids you have that turn into sticks for half the year—perfect way to repur

pose them) Add ice cubes once a month if you remember. If not! Don’t worry. Mine lived for an entire year with me “watering” it maybe three times. Easy to replace with an inexpensive Trader Joe’s orchid.

  1. Add some small pea gravel to weigh it down. You should be able to shake your planter and the orchids be solidly in place! If they wobble, trim the stems more and place again in new spot in the styrofoam and put gravel on top.

  2. Then, add moss on top.

(Other examples of orchid and tulip planters I have made in the past)

Message me with any questions!



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