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Lake Tahoe Travel, Edgewood Resort

We had such a great time during our vacation to Lake Tahoe that we really would like to go back again this summer!

We stayed in South Lake Tahoe since Nevada was more "open" during COVID than California, but the resort was literally on the state line, so we walked to California multiple times a day.

Here are the details:

The Resort:

Edgewood Lake Tahoe located in Stateline, Nevada.

My review:

Amazing view, family friendly and plenty to do!


Truly breathtaking property located directly ON the lake with its very own resort beach. It has a waterfront 18 hole golf course, where they have big tournaments (Tiger Woods has played here!) Great if you have husband who enjoys golf as much as mine does.

Don't worry, there is a spa for the ladies too.

The heated pool looks out on the lake and mountains and would be ideal during warmer months or days that aren't as windy.

We visited in April, which is a less expensive time of year to go, but the weather can be unpredictable! It snowed while we were there! It is also a ski destination during the winter months.

They have fire pits all over the property to warm up and enjoy a cocktail while viewing the scenery.

The hotel offered special S'mores packages every evening to roast marshmallows over the fire with other guests, which was a great way to meet other people and find out local tips for shopping, restaurants and more.

They offer a host of items to make traveling with a child much easier, from baby monitors, cribs, pack n plays, strollers etc. We did not travel with our little one due to the required mask mandate on the plane, but for those who can make the flight I do think this would be a family friendly resort, but is also very fun for adults as well.

The service could be better, but overall was acceptable. (Service in any hotel we have been to over the last year or so has been underwhelming, due to COVID employee turnovers & lack of services they can offer.


Rent a car and drive around Lake Tahoe to see the beautiful lake from CA to NV. At the very least get an uber and drive to Emerald Bay to see the crystal clear blue water.

They have boat tours as well in the summer months.

Snow Skiing in winter months.

Hiking available near the resort:

Castle Rock

Vansickle Trail

Cave Rock--waterfalls.

Emerald Bay

Hiking near

Take gondola up to top of the mountain to take photo and see spectacular view.

Shopping in South Lake Tahoe, plenty of local restaurants to try!

Feel free to follow me on instagram @carolineshomedesigns to see more videos and photos in my highlights.

We will be going back to Edgewood Tahoe again soon!

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