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Custom Commissions--Let's Make Art Together

What’s different about working with me as a commission artist?

 It’s personal. 

I want to know you better and capture your wishes for the painting. With my background in interior decorating I am uniquely qualified to help customize your art to your space. 

For example, I worked with my client to design her art around her new baby's nursery.

Pictures of this nursery were sent to me long before my client’s new arrival. We planned out the shades of pink, complimentary colors of green to match a fabric in the room and we talked throughout the process. 

You can be as involved (or as uninvolved) in the process as you like, but I want you to know…you are not just another painting to me. I remember every single one of my clients. I pack the box, type the address label, text the tracking number. I’m there every step of the way to make sure I deliver the best to you! 

Who doesn't love a fresh new baby!? Isn't she a little cherub?!

Her mom sent me this sweet note

"Working with you was the absolute best! The calls, update pictures and seeing the vision or original artwork in her nursery come to life was unbelievable. It matches perfectly . I am starting to see baby M staring at all of the fun colors just like I hoped for!"

-H. Waters

For more information on custom commissions, visit the contact me page.

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