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This piece is part of the "Small Talk" Collection and represents a fun name for all the personality types you find in social situations.


This painting is titled "The Wildcard" for the friend who is a bit eccentric. Maybe a little different from all your other friends, but makes the party much more interesting!


One framed print in the style pictured. Each print is hand-embellished with gold leaf.

Print is on canvas paper, where visible and detailed brush strokes mimic the original acrylic painting created by Caroline Schneider.



The frame size is 8" x 8" matted to 4"x 4" window exposing the artwork. The frames all have an easel for tabletop display and wall mount hardware.


If the painting goes "out of stock" please select pre-order and I will make one to order for you. Pre-orders are completed and shipped within 7 to 10 business days.



"The Wildcard" (Individual Painting)

  • I will accept returns within 14 days of receiving if your artwork is damaged in shipping transit.  This is a very rare occurence, but in the event that it does happen--please contact me directly on the website and I will assist you with a refund. Thank you!

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