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Fall Tablescape Essentials

Every year we are fortunate enough to have reasons to come together as family and friends to celebrate in the Fall. From Halloween to Thanksgiving there are an abundance of events that make this tablescape perfect to host a dinner party throughout the months of October and November.

Some may prefer spookier Halloween decorations for the month of October and the more traditional harvest style for November, but I choose to keep my décor transitional for these two months leading up to Christmas (where let’s face it, I go absolutely nuts with the decorations!)

I do love a good Halloween tablescape though!

If you have pictures from your spooky tablescape or decked out Halloween themed front porch, send them to my email for a chance to be featured as one of my “Fall Favorites” in the upcoming issue of Stroll Magazine or to featured in my Instagram Stories! (

Setting the Table:

This tablescape is very simple to achieve, I promise!

A great tablescape in my opinion has three essentials: Flowers, Candles and China.

I found my exact tablecloth at Amazon a few years ago and luckily they still have it available here.

Next, layer layer layer!

I started with a neutral linen placemat, a decorative charger, fine china and a scalloped salad plate to set the table.

I thrifted some fabulous antique gold flat wear from an estate sale and added a delicate bow napkin complete the look. To learn more about how to create an elegant “bow” napkin, I have step by step instructions on my Instagram @carolineschneiderdesign

To create the table’s centerpiece, I “borrowed” the brass birds from some of my existing décor I typically have on a console table in my entrance hall.

My centerpiece in this tablescape was a mint green Cinderella pumpkin.

I placed the faux cherry blossom stems and miniature pumpkins and squash around my centerpiece, creating a low profile look. The low profile has the added benefit of allowing your guests to have eye contact without a large floral arrangement impeding their view of your lovely face ☺️

All you need is a fantastic menu and you are ready to entertain your guests!

Shop the tablescapes here:

I will link similar and exact items that are still available to recreate the look below.

If you want to be a little “extra” I suggest creating a floral centerpiece that will WOW your guests at the entrance! All you need is a mixture of fall flowers you can find at just about any grocery store and some faux cherry blossoms for added effect.

· Find your perfect planter or vessel, this one I found at Homegoods!

· Place floral foam in the bottom

· Trim flowers, as needed

· Place into the floral foam and arrange into perfection!

· Add faux cherry blossoms last to the centerpiece and voila!

· Don’t forget to add water so your blooms will last as long as possible! (this arrangement lasted nearly two weeks!)

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