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Amazon Mothers Day

Updated: May 3, 2021

I always look forward to Mothers Day because I really like spoiling my mom! She is a wonderful example of a mother and I seek her guidance regularly on everything from parenting to plants!

I am also a mother and it is a special day to me, too. But, there are different life stages for every "mom" and here are a few gifts I think many of us would enjoy.

If she just had a baby...she might enjoy the FedEx or UPS guy not ringing the doorbell.

ALL moms love leggings. And if she doesn't have airpods, she should because they are amazing when you need both your hands (because mine are usually full with a baby)

The "magical" battery operated tapered candles you may have seen on stories would be great paired with some pretty brass candlesticks.

A pretty marble tray for coffee table or bathroom vanity. Add a set of coasters and fresh flowers, done!

We would all love a BOGG bag, but in case they are a little out of price range, here is an alternative option for $60.00. Anyone headed to the beach or pool this summer, this is THE bag. Fill it with these cool "no sand" fast drying beach towels.

Also on the subject of beach, here is a great set of earrings for the entire summer.

If you follow me you know I love anything brass or gold. I have an antique soul. I think you should look locally at an antique store or an estate sale, but here is a modern version that would make a beautiful place setting for the moms who love entertaining.

I love flowers. We ALL love flowers. I wish I could make fresh flowers last forever and some of the artificial flowers I used recently have changed my mind on having a few arrangements I can always use for decoration.

If you see my Instagram stories highlights, I have done a tutorial on how to use live orchids from Trader Joe's to make an antique planter (found at any old thrift store) look like a pottery barn orchid planter, retailed at $300+

If you want to make a really special gift for your mom, who loves flowers--- this is one that can last!

All you need is

1. A pretty planter (vintage find at thrift or just get one on Amazon Prime)

2. Flowers or plant (real or fake)

Here are a few fake florals I really like and use in my home. These go best in a pitcher or trumpet vase.



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