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DIY Planter “From Plastic to Fantastic”

DIY lovers— This was a fun and EASY project! I’ve been looking for a good deal on XL planters for our front porch, but all the ones I liked were like $300 😩

I went to @athomestores-they had a 50% off sale on planters. I decided to buy some inexpensive LARGE planters and DIY them to get the look I wanted for a lot less.

I used some paint (on hand) to white wash the planter with a sponge and blotted with paper towels. This gave it the look of “concrete”( Paint used was Ben Moore-color-Collingwood (diluted with water.)

Use a sponge with the paint and dip it in water and wash the planter with it—-then take a paper towel and blot. I have a video (reel) on my Instagram detailing all of this on @carolineshomedesigns.

Then I hot-glued decorative wood balls I found on sale at Hobby Lobby ($2 a bag).

I tried using a different type of glue and I found hot glue to be far superior.

Next, I painted the planter a little more to give it a lighter “concrete” look and to paint the balls (solid paint in BM Collingwood) and added some pale blue/green craft paint for final touches.

How is looks now 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻



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