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Staircase Runner “Rug” using PAINT

You can find this video on my Instagram page under “Reels” which has a few more before and after shots. I have outlined paint colors and details below on the blog!

We decided to do something a little different with our staircase than a traditional runner rug. We decided to PAINT a stripe that looks like a runner rug 😮 instead of using a carpet…

The old staircase had yellowed paint and green spindles. It just needed a fresh look to tie into the rest of the style of the home from renovations we completed. I knew I wanted to do something bold!

Entrance Hall “AFTER”

The color blue used on the stairs is actually a custom blue I had made after many frustrating trips to the paint store trying to find a soft “french blue”

We have used this color blue throughout our home and it is the number one question I receive! Maybe one day I’ll ask Ben Moore to make the color!

If you want more details on this custom color, DM me on Instagram or email me.

White stripe color was Ben Moore Decorator White.

Both paints were made in a durable oil based porch paint for high traffic.

We had painter plumb a line and tape it off like this:

You can see the many colors before!

When you do this, you need at least four days to do the multiple layers of paint. And each one needs to dry at least 24 hours! If you have little ones living upstair—-ask Granparents to have a sleepover or plan accordingly…

I trust my painter, so we did ours over a beach trip so he could complete the job, uninterrupted.

Much easier to do before you move in—of course! PSA I just have to mention though—- I wouldn’t recommend doing ANY of your flooring if you have any more construction work or renovations left to do because crews just really wear on your floors…dropping hammers and tracking grout in… it happens.

We waited and I’m so glad!

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