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Etsy Tissue Box Covers

We are tissue people—like the real deal, Kleenex. Gotta have it!

If you follow me, you probably see that I like to keep my home space pretty and neat.

I like to keep the more mundane items like tissue boxes hidden, but that’s really not practical with a runny nosed toddler. I discovered these beautiful tissue box covers on Etsy!

One of the vendors, Ginny’s Embroidery is local to my area and I wanted to share some of her adorable designs! She also does custom work, just message her on etsy!

The second vendor, The Silver Spool Shop, has some beautiful & unique designs with pelicans that I also wanted to include.

I love supporting local businesses and small businesses.

Behind every small business is a family!

I hope y’all find the perfect tissue box!


Caroline Schneider

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