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Kitchen Hood DIY

Love the look of the beautiful French La Cornue ranges and hoods? ME too!

La Cornue not in your budget? Mine either. What to do?!

When designing our kitchen, I knew the hood needed to make a big impact, but

the La Cornue range and hood is way out of our price range.

DIY Hood

So naturally, I looked to Pinterest for some DIY inspiration to make my kitchen hood dreams come true....

I had my contractor make our hood because that was most economical, but if you want to DIY making your own, check out Pinterest. (My contractor specialized in carpentry, so make sure you find the right guy locally for you)

I also linked a few ready made hood options that I highly considered that are also pretty affordable.

For this post, I will do step by step on the kitchen hood paint and brass rods I used for ours.

  1. Ben Moore High Gloss OIL based paint. Color: Black Knight

  2. Pennetrol product, called Flood. This helped create fewer brush strokes and makes the paint “flow” more easily and is a MUST for any lacquer job like this one! Trust me. Add a small amount of this to your paint and it just makes the paint glide!

  3. Custom ordered brass rods, three made for each side of the hood. ( I am actually waiting on three more rods since I plan to do a "double" row of these brass pieces to make it more substantial.)

While I was looking for brass "straps" like you see in the La Cornue, I started thinking outside the box....what else can I use that would look like that?

1. Brass Fridge Handle or Pull? Nope, they don't make them this wide that I could find...

2. Curtain rod? YES....sort of. You can't use any curtain rod because you don't want the rod to stick out too far (ouch! tall husband hitting his head, not pretty!)

And MOST important of all-- you don't want a seam, it needs to be a solid rod that is the exact width of the hood, which was not easy to find! At least in brass anyway.... (if you are looking for stainless or black, EMTEK makes 48 inch wide bars)

Happily, I discovered this lovely website called rejuvenation where they will CUSTOM make the brass rod (up to 60 inches wide) so NO SEAM. Then we used these little flush mount brackets that came with the rod. You have probably seen these brackets on outside mount roman curtains and on some older homes window treatments.

It was the perfect solution!

I wanted “the look” I am pleased to say that for a fraction of the cost, we did just that!

Including the link for these grill stones because it is a game changer for cleaning cooktops/flattops and bbq pits! (Get one with a handle for first purchase.)

Thanks for following along! Follow me on instagram for more videos and posts.


Caroline Schneider

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