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Walmart and Amazon Antique Mirrors

I always advocate for trying out your local antique or furniture consignment store, FB marketplace or estate sale before buying a mirror at full price. But, sometimes you just don't want to or don't have time to wait and find one locally. Here are a few I love that are available online at affordable prices.

Walmart and Amazon are my go to online sources for affordable mirrors with the antique look. #walmarthome #amazonhome

Anthropologie "dupe" $219 #amazonhome

$220 makes a statement with its height and ornate detail at the top.


On sale for $221! Beautiful, ornate mirror with a great shape to it!

$200 Nice wide mirror with the beveled edge of the classic "french" design

This mirror also comes in gold, but looks very pretty in this aged mint green.

($181) Or....if you have a little GIRL (or if crafty and want to save so you can paint or gold leaf)

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