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How TO make a beautiful planter for under $100.

1. The first step to making this beautiful planter is to choose the right vessel for the flowers of your choice.

The ones linked below would work really well with orchids or tulips (with the bulb) and both are under $80.

As an example here Pottery Barn’s orchid planter (linked in photo) but for $349! 😱

I found this chinosiere planter ON SALE (nearly 40% discount). quick shipping!

Ebay is a great place to find good planters too if estate sales and antique stores aren’t possible.

Actual planters are best when using live plants because they allow for drainage, but many people use gravel in the bottom and change out the flowers every five weeks or so...

You also could use a high quality faux orchid or faux hydrangeas. See My Mother’s Day post for some artificial floral recommendations.

Next, you’ll need potting soil and flowers. Go to your local nursery and see what’s in season and would grow well where you plan to keep the planter.

If planning to keep indoors indirect sunlight, orchids and tulips or even a nice fern. Certain hydrangeas like shade as well!

I chose Sunpatiens for my planter featured in my Instagram post.

Fill your planter about 1/2 way with potting soil. Remove flowers from plastic container and lightly break up the roots. Add to planter. Place more potting soil on top.

You can top soil with a faux moss if desired.

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